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Hi and welcome to Neat Nutrition! My name is Tara Noseck and I am a Las Vegas-based registered dietitian/nutritionist. I bet you have stopped by to get to know me a little better. Here’s my story…

My interest in nutrition was born organically, during my 15+ years as a professional dancer and model. What began as a desire for the outward appearance of health and fitness, evolved into a passion to learn the science of nutrition for health from the inside out. 

By night, I was a performer on the Las Vegas strip, but by day I was studying the Kreb cycle and microbiology. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and soon after became a registered dietitian.

My subsequent experience interning in the hospital-setting and practicing in the conventional arena left me wondering if I had chosen the right field. I was disheartened by the lip service paid to nutrition and lifestyle, but the lack of action being taken to use these in practice as a path to healing. Pills were preferred.

As the daughter of an internal medicine MD and a registered nurse, I have always had a reverence (and still do) for the marvels of Western medicine, but it was becoming increasingly clear to me that we were failing ourselves in the arena of chronic disease.

My yearning for something better turned to curiosity, and a serendipitous email thread led me to discover functional medicine and nutrition. Two weeks later, I was enrolled in the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and it changed EVERYTHING for me.



At the heart, functional medicine is a science-based, systems-biology approach that seeks to find and treat the root causes of a disease- not merely manage symptoms.  Treatment is highly individualized by thoughtfully studying and considering each patient’s unique health and life history, lifestyle, genetic makeup and bio-individuality. The relationship between practitioner and patient is a collaborative and meaningful one.

A functional practitioner will consider how all aspects of one’s life contribute to their health status- stress, sleep, nutrition, toxins, genetics, relationships, mental health, etc. 

Many find this a departure from the downstream symptom-based model that is so commonly found in mainstream medicine, where pharmacology is often preferred over changes in lifestyle.

To read more about on functional medicine, click here and here.



Nutrition is one of the most critical contributors to health and disease, but can be a difficult field to navigate because there is SO. MUCH. NOISE. We are accosted daily by information from news outlets, social media, friends, family, magazines, celebrities and publications and so much of it is contradictory, misinformed and even harmful.

When you are embarking on your own health journey, it’s important to have a touchstone; someone that can quiet the noise and guide you using sound evidence-based and PERSONALIZED nutrition advice.

Your doctor may have told you to “eat healthier” or “lose weight” or may have even told you that nutrition has zero to do with your health condition at all, and it’s not necessarily their fault. According to a 2016 report in Academic Medicine, US med schools offered an average of 19.6 hours of nutrition education over the duration of a four year medical program. 

I am no more qualified to perform surgery than most doctors are to dispense nutrition advice. Nutrition is what dietitians study. This is our wheelhouse.



I teach a whole foods, flexible approach to nourish your body, and promote body acceptance and kindness for yourself as you walk your path to health. I will meet you exactly where you are today, and together, we will move at your pace, steadily and deliberately to achieve your overreaching goals. 

If we are working together to treat a distinct health condition, a particular short-term dietary protocol may be necessary. Otherwise, as much as I can, I avoid the term “diet” for all the baggage and emotion that comes with it. I prefer to use the term eating pattern, because, to me, it reflects positivity, flexibility and a long-term mentality.

You should know that I place nearly as much importance on stress management, sleep, positive relationships, mindfulness and movement as I do on nutrition, because all these things work in concert to give you your best health.

When you work with me you will receive the knowledge and support you need delivered with empathy and compassion. My goal is to give you all the tools and support to make meaningful, sustainable change, so that you can live your healthiest, most vibrant life.

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When I’m not working with clients or performing, you’ll find me enjoying long walks at the grocery store, cooking homemade meals for my family, loving on our two kiddos, Nixon and baby Sydney, or updating and decorating our 70’s abode. Also, laundry. There’s always lots of laundry.

I am part Korean and Japanese, on my mother’s side.

I grew up in Tampa, Florida and moved to Vegas at 23 years old to further pursue my entertainment career. I arrived with 3 suitcases and my ambition. 

I met my now husband in the show we were in together. We’ve been married for 12 years and have two precious kiddos.

Target is my jam. 

I love docs, true stories and non-fiction literature.

I like organizing things- a lot. Container Store is life. 

I believe laughter is medicine. Good friends are the key to a happy life.

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