Frozen vs. Fresh Produce: Which is Better?


Ever wondered if the frozen bag of spinach is just as good as the fresh? The answer is YES!  

Here are the reasons why you should throw these chilly versions in your cart during your next grocery trip: 

Nutrition. Frozen fruits and vegetables are done so at their peak, maintaining their nutritional content sometimes better than fresh produce sitting in your crisper or on the counter. 

Convenience. Prep is already done. No cutting, chopping, hulling or the like. Defrosting is quick and easy. 

Price. Sometimes the frozen versions are cheaper than the fresh. A 16 oz bag of organic mixed fruit from Trader Joe's is $2.99. TWO NINETY NINE!

Variety. Bags of mixed veggies are wonderful to have on hand for quick and easy soups and stews. Frozen fruit blends are perfect for 3 minute smoothies when you are short on time for breakfast. 

Shelf-life. Buy frozen produce without the pressure to use it right away. How many of us have thrown away expensive produce because we didn't use it before it spoiled? *raises hand

Bottom Line:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a large part of a healthy eating pattern, but don't be afraid to enjoy their frozen counterparts!

- Tara