Freezer Reorganization

I have the best intentions, I really do. I clean and organize something, and just know that I am going to keep it that way, but inevitably things eventually return to a mess. Over the last few months, every time I returned from home the grocery store, I opened the freezer and just stared, always telling myself I'd get to it over the weekend, and then shove whatever I bought into any open space. This system was NOT working and it had continued to sit a disorganized and gross mess.

freezer before

Fortunately, once I had the motivation, it was a fairly quick and easy job to tackle. First things first, I took everything out- this includes many questionable meats, some of which I'm pretty sure have been there for over two years- barf. Next, I removed ALL shelving, including the door pockets,  and gave everything a deep clean with some Clorox Clean Up.

clean out

We live in a rental, which means a pretty basic fridge/freezer with limited shelving and space, so to make the most of  it, I headed down to Mecca, otherwise known as The Container Store, and picked up a few of these deep freezer organization bins. They might be a bit pricier than your average plastic bin, but I appreciate the extra features. They are clear, so it is easy to see what you are looking at and the handle is nice for easy pull-out access. But, really, you could use any ol' bin from the dollar store if you found the right size for your needs. Just make sure you take measurements of the inside of your freezer before you get out to the store, so you know they'll fit when you get home!

freezer tray
large freezer bin

Minus the trip to the store, the whole process, start to finish, took me about an hour, but it was well worth it. Now I I have tons of room for storing frozen meals when the baby comes (hint, hint Mom). 


Getting your freezer space organized helps to avoid the overbuying (I'm so often guilty of)  that inevitably leads to foods going bad, which equals wasted money. This system allows me to take a quick inventory of what I have before I go to the store, so I don't end up with four packages of salmon, like I discovered today.   The drawers also allow for easy rotation so you know you're eating the oldest foods first. If you are a breastfeeding Mom, the long, skinny pull out drawer would be perfect for storing breast milk. Just pull out and add the newest batch in the back of the line, to make sure none of that liquid gold gets wasted!

Do you need help organizing a space in your home? No matter if its a drawer or a closet, I'd love to help you get it done.  Please reach out to me at to discuss your project. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what other organization projects you'd like to see me tackle on the blog. 

- Tara