Nixon Turns Uno!


As I sit and type this, I can't believe I have a one year old son. As everyone warned me, this year indeed flew by, but was by far the best one of my life.

So many memories pop up in my head as I reflect on the last year. I remember how relieved we were to finally have him home with us and out of the NICU. I couldn't believe that this tiny being would be my son forever. We completely fumbled through that first night, going through his entire wardrobe due to leaky diapers and spit-up! We were delirious! 

I will never forget the absolute joy I felt when he gave us his first belly giggles at the simplicity of Rhett jingling a gold bracelet in his hand. The first roll-over, crawl, foods and steps- its like a part of me was born again each time. 

I remember the absolute anguish I felt at the prospect of returning to my full-time position and leaving him all day. It's been tough, but being able to be home with him every day and be the one changing the diapers and reading books is something I know I will never regret. 

Its hard not to be anxious for the next stage and all the firsts and fun it will bring, but for now I'm just soaking up these last few days of having a "baby". From the moment he was born, our little Nixon has radiated happiness. He's determined (hello Rhett), kind, adapable, affectionate, curious, silly, and just busy allllll the time. I wouldn't have him any other way. 

We decided to throw a little fiesta to celebrate our sweet boy turning one and us not totally sucking at parenting. It was a great day with friends, but extra special as Nixon's Auntie Ernie, Grammy & Grandad and Nonni & Pops traveled far and wide to be with us.